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Spark cluster configuration

If you are running your own Spark cluster, or using a Docker image (such as jupyter/all-spark-notebook), you will need to configure Pathling as a Spark package.

You can do this by adding the following to your spark-defaults.conf file:

spark.jars.packages au.csiro.pathling:library-api:[some version]

See the Configuration page of the Spark documentation for more information about spark.jars.packages and other related configuration options.

To create a Pathling notebook Docker image, your Dockerfile might look like this:

FROM jupyter/all-spark-notebook

USER root
RUN echo "spark.jars.packages au.csiro.pathling:library-api:[some version]" >> /usr/local/spark/conf/spark-defaults.conf


RUN pip install --quiet --no-cache-dir pathling && \
fix-permissions "${CONDA_DIR}" && \
fix-permissions "/home/${NB_USER}"