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Pathling provides a server based on the HL7® FHIR® standard, implementing special functionality designed to ease the delivery of apps and augment tasks related to health data analytics.

Operations Operations

The operations available within Pathling are:

  1. import - Import FHIR data in bulk into the server, making it available for query using the other operations.
  2. search - Retrieve a set of individual FHIR resources that match a set of criteria.
  3. aggregate - Aggregate, group and filter data - a "pivot table as an API".
  4. extract - Prepare a custom tabular extract of FHIR data, and retrieve it in bulk.
  5. update - Create or update an individual resource within the server.
  6. batch - Create or update a collection of resources within the server.

You can find some examples of how to interact with Pathling in our Postman collection:

Run in Postman