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Kafka integration

Pathling supports Kafka as a streaming data source, and all the operations available within the library are able to execute continuously across a stream of data.

For more information about Spark's Kafka integration, see the Structured Streaming + Kafka Integration Guide.

Here is an example of streaming a source of FHIR data, encoding it and then performing a terminology operation upon it:

from pathling import PathlingContext
from pathling.coding import Coding

pc = PathlingContext.create()

# Subscribe to a stream of FHIR Bundles from a Kafka topic.
df = (
.option("kafka.bootstrap.servers", "kafka:9092")
.option("subscribe", "some-topic")
.selectExpr("CAST(value AS STRING) as json_bundle")

# Pull out the MedicationAdministration resources and put them into a dataset.
med_administrations = pc.encode_bundle(df, "MedicationAdministration").selectExpr(
"id", "status", "EXPLODE_OUTER(medicationCodeableConcept.coding) as coding"

# Perform a subsumes operation on the medication coding to determine whether it is a type of
# anti-coagulant.
result = pc.subsumes(
# 372862008 |Anticoagulant|
left_coding=Coding("", "372862008"),